About Me

Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, Photographer, Traveler, Poet – an Urban Indian.

Am a study in contrasts – Quiet and Hysterical , Calm and Turbulent, Highly Opinionated and Infinitely Inquisitive , Loving and Careless , Mr. Know all and Yet To Discover Myself.

I was born in noisy, turbulent Bombay. I grew up in beautiful, green and peaceful Gandhinagar, studied in dry and dusty Ahmedabad and am living amongst the Sahyadri mountains in Pune.

My work  as a Business Analyst at Elitecore Technologies inspired me to start this blog about communications technology. Through this blog I intend to start conversations about information technology focused largely on telecommunications, enterprise architecture, solution architecture, SMAC technologies and business process management.

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